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Learning is More than just Lectures and Text Books

Anyone can read a text book or hear a lecture and not learn.  We understand this all too well at ACS Distance Education. To learn is to encounter information then work with it, over time. When you revisit information in different ways, and different contexts, your understanding and knowledge will broaden and deepen. It eventually become so familiar to you and so deeply embedded in your memory that it is never forgotten by your sub conscious mind.

Learning is a process in which information is explored and processed in different ways and contexts.  

Learning can be supported by an educator who can explain a subject well and use teaching strategies that really work. Embedding new information can be tricky, but with the right help, we can all learn something new.  

Some courses are quick to complete, that is true. Though, can we know that authentic learning occurred? Possibly not.   

To permanently improve what you can do and how you do it, commit to a course with guidance from capable teaching staff.  Learning takes time.    

Facts about Studying with ACS!   

Our graduates are successful because we don't compromise on quality of learning. 

  • Courses encourage critical thinking.   
  • Courses reinforce capacity to grow.   
  • Students learn transferrable skills.   
  • Students have greater capacity to apply themselves in the workplace, in community settings, self-employment, or anywhere.   
  • Students have a tutor who they can turn to for guidance or to answer questions.   
  • Students and engaged and motivated and can lean on us for extra support when needed. 

What Students Receive 

Above all, you receive a learning experience that is designed, and tested by experts who know the psychological and education processes that make learning happen, working with experts who know the discipline you study and appreciate the aspects of the discipline which must me grasped and retained in order to be capable of developing your own expertise on the subject.

All ACS courses and eLearning products are developed through collaboration. A highly qualified team of subject matter experts build the course from a concept into a valuable experience. 

We supply everything you need to complete your studies, including study guides for each lesson, support from expert academic staff, software systems to deliver and manage your support, supplementary reading and video as required. 

A Learning Journey

Content writers produce ebooks and videos to supplement and reinforce the overall learning experience.  
Our academic staff identify important aspects of courses where learning is most appropriately strengthened by adding a video or additional reading.  

The products we make are not “off the shelf” publications – rather these are tailor made to support the content of the courses they are used with.  


Current Content   

We’re always learning new things, from conferences, magazines and journals, internet searches, colleagues and feedback from student assignments.  

Staff at the school are continually researching and writing new books, magazine articles and video scripts that are relevant to courses.  
We encourage feedback from students through newsletters and questionnaires. If a student has suggestion, we take it seriously.    


We know flexible courses are better able to meet the needs of students in this rapidly changing world.   
Courses are developed so that they will be applicable to students anywhere in the world.  

Choice of Study Location    

Assignments are designed so that students can focus on their areas of interest.   
If students contact the school, tutors are available to provide extra information on assignment questions.   
If you find a course difficult, you can choose to work slowly, and to get more help from the school.   
We also encourage students to contact the school for help in selecting the correct course, and for help with assignment questions. 




Certificate of Completion - 20hour Short Course 

  • Enrol at any time, start immediately. 
  • Study when and where you like and work at your own pace. 
  • Your downloadable study-guide means you can access your course offline.
  • Automated self-assessment tests appear as “Review what you have been learning” – no waiting for feedback.
  • Enjoy unlimited attempts to pass the automated self-tests.  
  • A final assessment can be taken any time after completing study.
  • On passing, immediately receive a downloadable Certificate of Completion with your name on it.

Statement of Attainment - 100hour Courses  

  • Enrol any time.
  • Our student services team process enrolments within one business day.
  • Receive your secure login and password. 
  • Commence self-directed study - complete the course on your terms.  
  • Complete automated self-assessment tests at the end of each lesson, with no waiting for feedback. 
  • Complete set tasks that diversify and reinforce ways you learn.
  • Tutor support just a phone call or email away! 
  • For a formal pass...

Larger Qualifications

  • Undertake an exam, anywhere in the world for a formal academically recognised pass. 
  • Receive a Statement of Attainment (formal award) for every course completed.
  • An small exam fee applies for each exam. If you fail, resit the paper. 
  • Combine 100 hr courses as units of larger qualifications awarded by either our Australian or UK schools. You can combine a number of these courses into bundles to make certificates and more. Certificates are awarded upon completion of 600 hrs of study. Advanced certificates require 900 hours of study. Credits may be given for relevant experience or study elsewhere, reducing the number of modules needed for a qualification.